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The first time search engine optimization (SEO) came onto marketing focus, it already had connotations of being exclusively for companies with sufficient budgets to get things running in their favor. It still is an expensive feat for businesses to implement. Some basic packages by competition come at a few hundred dollars per month while they try to do what a thousand dollar budget would come short of achieving. The general pricing of SEO services show well beforehand what the client should expect – more often than not the correlation is strikingly consistent. The quality aspect of the services given to clients however, is where Mindshark Marketing is the leader and most recognized option.

As a thoroughly experienced SEO agency, Mindshark Marketing provides clients with an enthusiastic team of competent designers, developers, marketers and managers to create and run campaigns. Since a lot of the work nowadays actually depends on the content being read about brands, the copywriters at Mindshark Marketing are assigned only to brands that they have a connection with – they probably already use the client’s products and really love it. So much that it would be transference of passion when a reader comes in contact with the words.

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A lot of reports are sent to the client when they are collected enough to notice a trend that can be acted on to make efforts more profitable. This can be in a time as little as a week from launching the ads or on a monthly basis. Typical reports that make Mindshark Marketing stand out from other SEO suppliers include; analytical visuals for each element being pushed online, conversion numbers and suggested actions to improve, among a range of more than 10 reports. With the reports and dedication that come from a client’s investments, it is clear that Mindshark Marketing yearns to win from their efforts just as much as the client wishes to get a return and traction from their marketing capital.

Some clients that desperately want SEO services have ended up in tears when they met with bogus suppliers. The ones that promise instant top ranking and want payments upfront. Because there is generally a cloud of secrecy as far as clear details of SEO works, a lot of clients get hooked into such scams and end up parting with way more than they had planned or were going to if they had stuck with a reputable and even more expensive subscription service.

The determining factor for clients to focus on is the quality aspect of services and proven results offered by an SEO supplier. Mindshark Marketing is one such supplier that has more results than paid for. Going the extra mile is most appreciated when the value provided ends with the client getting more than they paid for, twice over and their business is more positioned to grow. Clients talk among themselves but because Mindshark Marketing is always listening, a solid reputation of quality work has been cultivated.

Lucrative Careers Working For PR Firms In Los Angeles

PR firms in Los Angeles

Working for PR firms in Los Angeles may lead you to a lucrative career in public relations.  To be certain, there is a need for public relations professionals almost everywhere.  In fact less than a fifth of all public relations professionals work in PR firms; the rest work for government, corporations, Hospitals, educational institutions and various other types of organizations.  But being a center of the entertainment industry, there are bound to be more PR firms in Los Angeles than average.

A typical PR career begins with an internship.  All you need is to be at least a bachelor’s degree holder in public relations, journalism, communications, English, or business to land a job as a PR intern.  A quick search should reveal a lot of internship offers both paid and unpaid.  Most unpaid internships may be illegal and in violation of labor laws, and must be considered with caution.  What may be worth considering is getting an internship from the biggest name PR firm, even if the pay is lower.  There is more to learn in a firm where there is always a lot of action and a long client list.

When you get past your internship, you are looking at a good rate of pay, according to Bureau of Labor Standards figures.  The listed median salary is $54,170 per year or about $26 per hour.  The people at the lowest 10% of the pay scale earned less than $30,760 per year while those at the top 10% earned in excess of $101,030 per annum.

Creating a good impression with your clients is always a very good investment.  Some clients have been known to follow a person who serves them well, even when they transfer to another firm or open one of their very own. Exposure to celebrities can sometimes lead to an even more exciting, more rewarding, and more demanding career as a PR firm owner.  That, depending on your skills, should pay substantially more than any salary you could earn from working for a PR firm.

A career that starts with working for PR firms in Los Angeles is definitely worth considering.  All you need is the right education, and lots of people skills.

Entertainment PR Los Angeles – One Of The Best Jobs In the World

Entertainment PR Los Angeles


Want to go on a power trip?  Want to rub elbows with the most popular and the most notorious entertainment figures?   Only one industry will give you that in a heartbeat  –  top entertainment public relations firms Los Angeles.

Los Angeles remains the entertainment capital of the world, although the definition of what is entertaining and what really sounds good has drastically changed from a few decades ago.  As such it has the highest density of filthy rich, ego-centric, and talented artists anywhere on earth.  A PR job in Los Angeles’ PR industry will get you close to these incredibly interesting people that thousands of tourists per day can  only hope to get a glimpse of.

The job is not always easy. It’s not that easy to deal with bloated egos on a daily basis, but hey, you have to take the bad with the good.  Some success stories have been told of PR people benefitting from getting on the good side of those egos, so it’s not all that bad.  The bigger the ego, the more generous they are if properly stroked.

And then there is the power trip.  Imagine talking to a few great celebrities on a first name basis.  That is the stuff of dreams for most people.  To make it more interesting, these popular people depend on PR people like you to maintain a positive public persona.  Most of the time they will listen to what you advise, otherwise their popularity nosedives.

That’s a good place to look for an exciting job, a posting with Entertainment PR Los Angeles – best job there is.


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